After silence, that which comes nearer to expressing the inexpressible is music.

Pregnancy brings a series of changes with it which are not only physical but also psychological. The changes happen over the nine months and are sometimes accompanied by moments of anxiety, stress, fear and fatigue which can prevent the mother from experiencing this extraordinary moment in life in complete serenity.

Any intervention that reduces these problems is to be welcomed. Listening to suitable music provides a simple, cost-effective and non-invasive way of reducing stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy.

Music makes a large difference in the life of humans, right from the time they are safe in their mother’s womb. Yes, music makes a difference to the development of fetus when the mother is pregnant. There are many benefits and effects of listening to music during pregnancy. But, the effects depend on the type of music you listen.

Best way to use music in pregnancy:

• Practice music therapy in moderation

• Be careful about the volume you choose – not higher than 70 decibels

• Avoid music that is loud, chaotic or disturbing


1. Music can help the expectant mother to relax, contain her anxiety and reach a state of overall psycho-physical well-being.

2. Pre-natal music therapy also includes a series of activities which stimulate the baby and promote communication between the mother and baby.

3. Listening to music relaxes, soothes and encourages control over anxiety and helps the expectant mother to create positive and pleasant images.

4. Listening to music increases hearing capabilities – After a certain development, babies can perceive sound and react to it as well. Therefore, listening to music during pregnancy will help in increasing hearing of the baby. Concentration enhancement is a effect of listening to music during pregnancy.

. Music helps strengthen the bond with your unborn child – Singing to your unborn child is extremely beneficial since the singing voice has a richer frequency range than speech.

6. Music reduces pregnancy stress levels

7. Music may help in fetal brain development

8. When a woman relaxes, that’s good for the fetus and that’s an indirect effect of music on the fetus

9. After Birth Effects – There are certain after birth effects of listening to music during pregnancy. It is said that if the baby

listens to the music that the mother used to listen to when pregnant, the baby calms down. That music can act as a lullaby as well. This proves that the baby remembers the music you listen to when pregnant.

10. Music improves reacting and playing

11. Music effects personality

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