SilverIQ Colourful Rainbow Stacker, Waldorf, Montessori

Rainbow Stacker offering many opportunities for creative and imaginative play! This type is typically seen in a Waldorf or Montessori style education setting, but will also go great in a homeschooling environment.

Suitable for 10months+ age

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Montessori toys are created with a specific developmental goal in mind, not just for the child’s entertainment.

 They always look to support a child’s natural growth stage, whether it’s to encourage independence, to improve fine motor skills, to stimulate problem-solving, or to help them build good concentration skills.

Rainbow stacker is really versatile and ideal already for small children! Toddlers stack, sort and build and as the children get older they will use it as a cradle for dolls, as fence for animals, like a tunnel or bridge for vehicles, as house for dwarfs and dollhouse dolls, build amazing sculptures… this rainbow will always be integrated in playing with a lot of fantasy.

Our rainbows are of the highest quality made from Ayouso wood. We hand cut each rainbow to order and sand them to perfection. After the initial sanding we stain them with AP Certified, Non-Toxic wood dye, and get a second sanding. finally we rub them with our home made wood polish which is made from organic coconut oil and beeswax. we then pack them securely and send them to you for your little ones to enjoy.

Materials: Ayouso/Obeche Wood, non-toxic Acrylic Paints.

Length: 15.75 inch
Width: 7.48 inch
Thickness: 2.75 inch
Weight : 1

*****Please note as this item is dyed, the wood grain shows through and due to grain and wood variation, the colors may differ from the pictured rainbow. In addition with any dye if the rainbow gets wet you may see some color transfer. The dye is AP certified non toxic. If this toy is going to be used for a child that puts items in their mouths, we strongly recommend to purchase our unpainted or unstained version of this rainbow

*****Please note we use Ayouso/Obeche Wood for all of our rainbows, which can contain naturally occurring streaks of blue purple black and brown, which comes as the tree draws minerals out of the ground. We also use stain instead of many that use paint so that the natural beauty of the wood can show through. This is intentional and can vary from rainbow to rainbow. If you have a request to have a piece with more or less natural coloration (we cannot guarantee none), please do so at the time of ordering as any exchange will require additional shipping charges if natural coloration is the reason for request.

“A child who has become master of his acts through long and repeated exercises, and who has been encouraged by the pleasant and interesting activities in which he has been engaged, is a child filled with health and joy and remarkable for his calmness and discipline.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

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SilverIQ Colourful Rainbow Stacker, Waldorf, Montessori

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